In the current Global world of the Pandemic our services have had an evolution internationally in which the clients seek a comprehensive package of services that involves health resources, supplies and commerce, essential to preserve the health of employees ,the corporate image of the company applying the protocolos for jobs

HAMA Group services & Commerce corp with more than ten years expertise has international position in the EE.UU and Colombia market in four activities to develop a portfolio integrated of services that allows to meet in a personalized way, the needs of clients according to sector ,subsectors of the economy.

Hama as Holding Corporative activity is generating tangible results in the industries through minimizing and updating the purchase of inputs ,guaranteed by the health authorities of each country creating an environment clean for work for, and the client obtaining their goals.
we are directing your priorities according to your size, trout, a free inspection and estimate.

Please let us know your need for a clean and protocol of coovid-19 .Also purchase of merchandise and import & export of products.



At HAMA we have the Knowledge and Willingness to serve you with Warmth, Clarity and Opportunity.
We share a way of being: we are close, trustworthy and committed, always ready to serve and work as a team to achieve common goals.

  • COMPLIANCE AND RESPECT for the customer’s promise of value.
  • ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGEMENT oriented to results
  • EFFICIENCY since we have the best work team committed to providing excellent service.